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Richie Hawtin presents: ENTER.London


Richie Hawtin's first ever stand-alone club night in Ibiza was hailed a roaring success across the dance music world - and as tipped off a coupel of months ago, it's been so successful that Richie is touring his ENTER concept around the globe, bringing its mandate of delivering fresh and boundary pushing underground sounds to wider audiences ijn fresh locations. It's just been announced that ENTER.London shall hit the Brixton Academy on Sunday 5th May. Luckily that's a May bank holiday weekend, so no need to worry about hangovers and poor excuses to skip work the next day.

Joining Richie as he brings his concept to Brixton is Mnus favourites Magda and Matador, plus fellow Canadian DJ Heidi and a live set from house star Maya Jane Coles to make it even more delectable. Check Maya's set from the ENTER.Ibiza closing set at Space earlier this year below. 

Although it sounds like a long way off till the big event itself,be sure to get your tickets booked early to avoid disappointment. The last time Richie played in London was to perform as Plastikman 2.0. A literal roadblock, make sure you don't miss out as he returns to the Landmark South London venue, no doubt full equiped with all his latest bespoke, ground breaking technology and visuals for a fully immersive experience.

Richie Hawtin presents ENTER.London
Sunday, 5 May 2013
10:00pm - 6:00am
Brixton Academy

Line Up
Richie Hawtin
Maya Jane Coles
Matador (live)


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Maceo Plex & Seth Troxler Confirmed for Fact BCN's NYE Bash


Barcelona originating promoters FACT - who after storming their home city ith consistently on-point parties - return to the fray on NYE for a special bash featuring Maceo Plex and Seth Troxler, at the uber-cool Palau de Congressos de Catalunya (Catalonia Palace of Congresses) on the 31st December.

The last time we heard from the popular party - who're also roaring ahead on their FACT world tour - was before their Masquerade Ball on November 10th featuring Audiofly. In typical style, they pull out the big guns for Auld Lan Syne in the form of Pulse's 100th podcast curator Maceo Plex plus Visionquest member and all round house star Seth Troxler. FACT's very own residents DJ Herr and also Andres Buljat both offer tasty sets. 

Specializing in avant-garde electronic music, and concerned by only good music and skewing trends, the FACT events have gone on to amass a strong following, bringing the likes of Visionquest, Flying Circus and Leftroom to BCN for showcases (check out the Leftroom showcase above). Tickets for this sure-to-be-explosive end of 2012 party - as well as further information - can be found here on Pulse by clicking the link below the flyer.

Fact BCN NYE 2013 with Seth Troxler & Maceo Plex
Monday, 31 December 2012 - New Years Eve
23:00pm - late
Palau de Congresos de Catalunya

Line Up

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The Best DJ Profiles to Stalk on Instagram


In the midst of a flurry of "best of" charts, the website "DJZ.com" has unveiled its list of the "top 5 EDM Instagram profiles to follow." Five DJ/producers across the spectrum of dance music have been chosen for this prestigious honor. The winning formula seems to be a combination of frequent updates and personal glimpses, from what their dogs are wearing to the latest car (or jet) they've purchased. Drumroll please...


The NYC based producer, whose special brand of deep house and infectious disco has launched him onto the world scene, shares everything from cute pictures of his puppy to the latest menu he's ordering from. A bevy of snazzy gig pictures are included as well...

Follow MANIK on Instagram

4. Chromeo

These scruffy guys party like rockstars, and have the photos to prove it.

Follow Chromeo on Instagram

3. Kaskade

The famously sober DJ appears to lead a luxurious lifestyle.

Follow Kaskade on Instagram

2. Boys Noize

Alex Ridha shares his love of looking cool, animals, and booty.

Follow Boys Noize on Instagram

1. Calvin Harris

From scuba diving to zipping around in a private jet, Calvin wants to take you with him, and show you just how awesome his life is in comparison to yours. Looks like he and Alex also share a love for extreme weather...

Follow Calvin Harris on Instagram

For a few more tidbits you can check the original piece here.

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BPM Party Announcement: Supplement Facts Pres. by Pulse Radio


It is our pleasure to announce a very special party on Tuesday, January 8th that will feature A-list DJ talent in an amazing location. “Supplement Facts Presented by Pulse Radio” will be a monumental event we’ll be presenting to you as part of the BPM festival’s almost-too-big-to-comprehend January 4-13th lineup of parties. This particular soiree, hosted in association with our friends Vessel in San Francisco, will unfold at La Santanera, and will truly be one for the record books.

Headlining is label boss Guy Gerber, whose hypnotic releases have pushed both his solo career and label into the forefront of underground dance music. With close to 10 gigs over the next month, taking him from Russia to Mexico, he's in high demand, with sets that are consistently innovative and moving. Guy will also be closing out BPM with his "This is The End" party at Mamitas on January 13th, alongside Shaun Reeves, Ryan Crosson, Danny Daze, Lauren Lane, and Bill Patrick.

Bill Patrick is a core member of the Supplement Facts team, serving as their principle A&R. He also hosts the "Private Stock" radio show here on Pulse on the last Thursday of every month. He's a globe trotting DJ with a long history in the scene, a master of the art of spinning, and a man who is never afraid to voice his opinions. 

The Martinez Brothers have been on a tear lately following a big release on Real Tone Records. Look for the New York natives to bring their brand of thumping, classic house to the table. The energy the real-life brothers have behind the decks is infectious, as evidenced by their great season of appearances at Circoloco at DC-10 in Ibiza.

Canadian born Heidi brings her jacking vibes to the lineup. A native of Windsor, Ontario, she grew up inspired by the Detroit music scene. Now living in England for 13 years, she has gone on to host her own residency show on BBC Radio 1 and series of parties called "Heidi presents the Jackathon." Her new label, Jackathon Jams, has released work from Maya Jane Coles and tINI, Miss Kitten, Alexis Raphael and Marc Houle amongst others.

Shaun Reeves needs little introduction as one of the members of Visionquest. His take on techno ranges from downtempo electronica to classic deep house, and he is known for constantly scouring the far reaches of space for the best hidden jams. A virtuoso producer in his own right, Shaun has become known for moving, mind-bending DJ sets.

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Are Cats Better DJs Than Dogs?


Finally, the definitive answer in the Cats vs. Dogs debate. BuzzFeed has pitted the two lovable house pets against one another in the only battle that really matters: turntablism. Because honestly, what good is a pet if it can't do a crab scratch flare and mix flawlessly?

While this may not hit home for our readers that share loving bonds with goldfish or hampsters (yes, we're talking about you), we strongly encourage all of you to watch this and comment. Buzzfeed asserts that cats DJ for the love of music, but dogs are just in it for the groupies. Also, there are copious references to dogs eating their own vomit. We're not shocked, honestly, but the argument does seem terribly one sided. Check out the video below before the Dog Lovers Association has it banned, and tell us what you think...can your dog or cat cut it up with the best of 'em?

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German Supreme Court: Majority of Sampling Is Illegal


In the latest instance of sample-wars, Kraftwerk has emerged victorious in a legal battle that has been ongoing for nearly 12 years. The group's beef is with Sabrina Setlur's 1997 song "Nur Muir," which sampled two seconds of Kraftwerk's "Metall Auf Metall" produced twenty years earlier. Kraftwerk took the producers of Setlur to court in Germany in the early 2000's, eventually resulting in a decision in their favor by the Hamburg "lower courts." In a classic case of legal football, the decision was reversed in 2006, and then kicked back and forth between the lower and Supreme Courts until it settled with the latter this year.

The reason this matters is that a federal entity is making a decision on what legal sampling is. The Economist reports that on December 13th, the Supreme Court of Germany decided that sampling is only allowed when the original sound cannot be recreated by the new artist, and therefore he/she is forced to take the original. It was proven that Kraftwerk's sample can be recreated, and thus lovely Sabrina Setlur lost, because ostensibly her producers should have banged around pieces of metal rather than lifting the 2 second piece from Kraftwerk.

But is Setlur the only one to lose? This ruling would render the majority of instrumental sampling illegal, and perhaps much of vocal sampling too. For many musicians, sampling is a key part of their artistic process, allowing them to build on work that has come before them while offering their own unique view. The Supreme Court also failed to say who decides if the "recreation" is close enough to the original to suffice. The implications are somewhat bizarre and leave many questions to be answered. If the ruling sets a legal precedent, the work of sample based musicians and record labels may get a lot more complicated.

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Flying Lotus - Within The Layers


In the lead up to his visit to Australia this summer - where he will be bringing his new live 'Layer 3' 3D show to the inaugural Let The Eat Cake festival on New Years Day in Melbourne - Pulse's Christopher Barker speaks to the legendary electronic music figure that is Flying Lotus, covering his new album and live show, and how both jazz and cartoons have been a source of inspiration to him.

Very few artists over the last five years have revolutionized the electronic music sphere quite like Steven Ellison. The LA-based label head, lyricist and composer – best known for his work as organic beatmaker Flying Lotus - has almost single handedly changed what the world has come to expect from modern producers, not just in hip-hop circles, but in the progression of musical creativity around the globe. Returning in 2012 with a hugely-anticipated follow up to his 2010 LP ‘Cosmogramma’ (considered a conceptual masterpiece) – FlyLo’s third album ‘Until the Quiet Comes’ continues Ellison’s habit of boundary-pushing music with a range of esteemed collaborators including Thom Yorke, Thundercat and Erykah Badu.

In a rare interview opportunity with the underground hero, Ellison references (yet does not explicitly attribute) this album with growing up surrounded by veterans in the jazz scene (he is the great nephew of the legendary John Coltrane). “I think it comes from the fact that I really like to hold on to memories of being a young and enthusiastic child, y’know. I wasn’t jaded and I really loved music – I was genuinely excited about records, most of them Hip Hop. I try to hold on to that thing and that enthusiasm goes into the work and into the assets around the record – the visual accompaniment and so on. I really tried to remember what its like to be a fan and try to bring that feeling to life.”

Ellison thankfully hasn’t felt a need to shake off his family ties, instead using their innovative style with the power of technology and endless creativity. Critically acclaimed for the majority of his releases - many through the impeccable Warp Records - he has been fortunate not to encounter any internal resistance: “Its really good… I’m surprised” he muses. “The jazz community isn’t as open minded as their ideas were – they’re very like ‘I only listen to Jazz, man’ and they only deal with music that is ever-changing and super advanced . But they seem to respect what I do in the same way that I do them”.

When asked how much his home city influences his sound, he is more than confident: “The geography has everything to do with the sound. I didn’t believe that for a long time – I believe that if I lived in London I would still make the same music that I do but that’s not true. It just wouldn’t happen”.

Up until now, FlyLo’s live show chose to focus on the music rather than big-budget visual elements offered by other artists who aren’t doing much behind it. In collaboration with a series of artists, conceptual designers and technical wizards, Flying Lotus’ ‘Layer 3’ project is a show toned with depth – utilizing multiple layered visual screens in conjunction with his laptop-controlled beats. “More than anything I wanted to create a show where you could still see me but it’s still very visual and there’s a lot else to see” he says. “I think people like to watch me play but at the same time I’m just up there hittin’ buttons – I wanted people who aren’t dancing and staring at me to have something to look at…for the hip hop crowd. I feel like the music is very visual and I wanted to have something visual to accompany that”. Those influences, as it turns, run deep: “Obviously I’m a big fan of Kubrick and '2001: A Space Odyssey', I really wanted it to have some of that. I wanted to have some psychedelic imagery, I wanted it to feel 3D and I wanted it to have the same effect as having 3D glasses on, but without them.”

Coincidently, Flying Lotus continues to program a great deal of music for Cartoon Networks older-brother channel Adult Swim. There is no doubt their irreverence has been an inspiration towards the show. “Based on a being a fan of their programming and their ideas, as far as television goes and cartoons – they continue to do a lot of stuff that’s as forward thinking as it is silly, and perfect for a stoner like me. I remember back in the early days really loving the music coz they were playing a lot of beat music and a lot of stuff that I loved, so when I got involved I wanted to stay involved. I think they’re doing really cool stuff and I get a huge kick out of hearing my work on TV. It’s a lot of fun, I’m glad to be part of their team and I get to provide some material just for TV”.

Of course, with a new record out and the kind of live show that the majority of his fans have been waiting for, Ellison admits the pressure is always there. “Yknow, its tough. I feel pressure, just like any other artist, I feel pressure to deliver but I use it” he says. “Whenever I get that pressure, it excites me and I love to be challenged anyway. There’s a lot of times I play shows and other artists are on the bill and I’m like ‘damn all these people are playing, what the hell am I gonna do!?’ But in that final minute I get so inspired off it, it makes me better - it doesn’t cripple me. I remember the first time I really felt that was when I had to play this festival in Paris called Trans Musicale to about 6000 people – pretty decent for a festival. Now, I play to a lot more people but at the time I was like ‘yo there’s 6000 people out there, they wanna dance, they don’t listen to down tempo, you gotta deliver’ – I remember being really stressed coz there was so much pressure. My manager was getting emails from the promoter saying how important it was, how there was gonna be 6000 people in the room and they wanted to dance - a fuckin’ techno Justice crowd. And I had to deliver. It was something out of movie, I looked in the mirror and was lookin’ at myself like ‘You’re gonna kill it, your gonna smash it out’ I was like ‘Hell Yeah’ and it was so much fun. I get juiced off it, and that’s it.”

That’s not to say he doesn’t face criticism…even from his fans. “Sometimes…I feel like some people, it doesn’t matter where you go some people come for the party, and some people just want to hear the beat stuff and they’re like ‘why didn’t you play any of the fuckin…’ and they’ll name off some of my favorite songs but I can’t play them coz it’s not festival songs – its not built for the festival crowd but I always feel for that kid because I understand what he means. But at the same time everyone is coming out to party, you can listen to the beat stuff on your headphones. I try to bring a cerebral experience as much as a party”.

At a recent gig at LA rite-of-passage event Low End Theory, Ellison recently revealed himself as the face behind the much-speculated Captain Murphy project – a lyrical accompaniment to his music that is as perverse as utterly innovative. Whilst hesitant to talk about it, he is happy to set the record straight regarding the reveal: “I was tired of it being about the mystery. I didn’t want it to be about ‘Who’ – that wasn’t the important thing and people were gravitating so much towards it which I didn’t appreciate. People got the wrong idea behind it – it was meant to be more like a symbol - like Batman (laughs). I didn’t want it to be about who it was, it was meant to be about the message behind it. All of a sudden it was “who is this person” and not about the words so I was like ‘fuck It’.”

Flying Lotus’ ‘Layer 3’ live show is set to make it’s debut Australian appearance at the ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ Festival in Victoria on New Years Day. No stranger to our shores, Ellison is a regular staple in the annual tour circuit, and will continue to be for a while: “I love playing in Australia. Its always fun” speaking enthusiastically. “I think the fans really appreciate me and they fuckin’ like to party. Man…do they like to party. But yeah its really nice to bring this stuff to people, the kids are always enthusiastic about the new stuff its awesome”.

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S.A.S.H NYE With Russ Yallop And Pig & Dan


Sydney clubbing brand S.A.S.H are gearing up for their NYE bash and they've scored a mighty fine line-up to ring in 2013, with Crosstown Rebels affiliate Russ Yallop and long-standing Spanish duo Pig and Dan both headlining the event, not to mention UK expat and S.A.S.H resident Mike Monday.

As always, the crew are bringing a slew of Sydney's finest DJs to play, spread across two rooms - The Den and The Terrace - with two distinctly different styles to keep even the most discerning chin stroker happy. They'll also be running both of them all night long til 6am. For more info head to the event page and for tickets see below.

Listen to Russ Yallop on Pulse Radio
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Boiler Room Australia Announced


Live DJ streaming website Boiler Room is making its way to Australia this summer, set to tour Perth, Sydney and Melbourne for the first time ever. Melbourne boutique festival Sugar Mountain and Sydney underground institution Goodgod are the cats in charge of bringing the tour to a selection of established clubs and TBA secret venues down under, though as yet have not revealed which DJs will be playing the events.

There's no denying the sheer heights that Boiler Room has reached in the international electronic music scene the last couple of years. Since the site's inception in 2010, the'yve streamed an enviable number of eclectic names like Disclosure, Jamie XX, Michael Mayer, Nina Kraviz and Dixon (to name just a very few) from both their Berlin and London HQs along with a number of warehouses and secret locations across the UK and Europe.

Check the dates below and stay tuned to Pulse for more info.

Boiler Room Australian dates:

12.01.12 – secret venue TBA, Perth
13.01.12 – secret venue TBA, Perth
17.01.12 – Good God Small Club, Sydney
19.01.12 – Sugar Mountain Festival at The Forum Theatre, Melbourne
27.01.12 – The Bottom End, Melbourne

Listen to Pulse Radio

Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Xmas Bash


DJ, festival curator, tastemaker, record label boss - a couple of the talents of eclectic music fan Gilles Peterson. Tonight, Gilles is throwing a bash to celebrate the yuletide season, tonight at Shoreditch's Village Undergound alongside Earnest Endeavours' Alex Patchwork and Brownswood signing LeFtO.

Brownswood are known for their eclectic remit of breaking boundaries between musical genres, as often displayed through Gilles' own BBC 6 Music radio show that joins the dots between heritage and future-leaning new music. The label has an exceptional cannon of brilliant artists that includes Gang Colours, Mala and more. Grab some highlights of Gilles' year - put together by himself and the team behind his label empire -  in the fantastic Brownswood Xmas Podcast below. 

The party goes on from 9pm - 3am and promises to be a great night for those looking for a carefree night centered around nothing but the music. For more details and tickets, see underneath the flyer. See you there!

Brownswood Xmas Party
Thursday 20th December
Village Underground
54 Holywell Lane
Shoreditch EC2A 3PQ
9pm - 3am

Line Up
Gilles Peterson
Alex Patchwork


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Clouds - Tannhauser Acid Works Pt. 1


Tannhauser Acid Works Pt. 1
[Turbo Recordings]

One thing that you definitely can’t accuse Clouds of is being one dimensional. From their beginnings producing ravey, big room electro house to their current interest in crunchy, dark, techno, whatever they’ve decided to have a go at, it’s been well-received. Tannhauser Acid Works Pt. 1, their latest effort on Tiga’s equally versatile Turbo Recordings, demonstrates their propensity for the latter, and shows they’re a force to be reckoned with in both the mainstream and underground arenas.

Those Cracks In Your Face, Do They Hurt? is probably the most apt title for any track of the last few years. Utterly brutal, grinding and unforgiving, TCIYFDTH? is dark, twisted warehouse techno at its best. The percussion is rugged, distorted and rolling, incorporating organic tribal rhythms with robotic, metallic clicks and clunks to devastating effect. Heavily reverbed kicks and grimey sub bass add to the track’s sinister nature, which is rounded off with a garbled, freaky vocal loop that receives lots of clever edits throughout.

Truss’ remix breaks down the original into a filthy, syncopated, industrial techno bomb. Heavily distorted kicks pound away underneath static washes, bursts of white noise, menacing percussive loops, and a barely recognisable remnant of the original’s vocal. Stick with this one the whole way and you might just see what the open gates of Hell look like; that is if the increasing levels of distortion and sheer “fuck off” nature of the track don’t turn you catatonic first.

Krafterah would easily be at home in a Surgeon or Regis set, perfectly combining thunderous broken beats with choppy, garage-style percussion and huge, nasty bass growls. Add in some ludicrously overdriven acid lines, down-tuned ghetto style vocals and periods of noise experimentation and you’ve got yourself a serious weapon. If this is part one, I’m almost scared to think what part two is going to sound like.

Listen to Clouds on Pulse Radio.

ANiMAL Instinct


It’s getting big this ol bass music ting. Stateside Skrillex has created a sound touted as the new rock n roll, UK whippersnappers like Disclosure, Melé and Last Japan have used it to reinvigorate house music and there’s a growing trend from the likes of South Central and the monolithic Magnetic Man project from Skream, Benga & Artwork to gift it a live edge. New upstarts ANiMAL are forging their own take on it. They’ve supported bands as wide ranging as shrieky anarchists The Blackout and molten vocalled genre benders Alabama 3, as well as their own shows and scintillating DJ sets. Their debut single ‘I Am Fire’ is out now (and part of Ministry’s brand new House Party 2013 compilation) so we pinned them down for an exclusive mix and had a quick interview with band member Pete Pocket. Rest assured you’ll be hearing more of them come 2013.

Tell us about the mix you’ve done for us then. And for anyone that hasn’t heard about you before, your style and sound. The mix is an eclectic mash up. That’s what we are. With luck we’ve gone and given a good representation of us, our personalities, and our band.

Tell us some more about your individual personal backgrounds as well, what were you doing before you formed the band? We all worked in music as DJ’s or Producers or Engineers; it’s all we have ever done. I have this dream that one day we can all hold down a three day a week manual labour job. That’s the dream after the music is gone and my tattoos look stupid.

How has 2012 treated you, we hear you’ve been on tour with Alabama 3 and The Blackout? Touring has been good. It’s been a good year. We got to go to Poland a couple of times and plough round other parts of Europe. We got management, signed our Publishing to EMI and generally got a lot of other stuff done, kind of setting the groundwork for everything,.Next year will be bigger. You know when you hit someone in the face and you’re like ‘damn that was a good punch’, but the next punch is gonna put you on your arse? Well that’s kind of where we are at. Hopefully once we have done that then it will be time to get the machete out…

How does playing live compare to DJing, and do you have a preference? DJ is the party from the lab. You cook up your beats and then try them out and throw in the exciting stuff you got off Beatport or wherever the night before. The live show is where the energy comes to life and the songs transform into an experience that you share with everyone. That’s the exciting shit right there.

What other producers and bands are you really feeling right now? Itch, Deorro, Hadouken!, South Central, Big Kids, Funtcase, Dirty Dike.

What does 2013 have in store for you? Is the next year going to be an eventful one? I am so superstitious that I can’t walk over three drains without having a panic attack. I always end up looking like a rocking bobbing lunatic when I encounter a swarm of Magpies that then all need to be saluted. Jinxing the future by talking about it is already giving me a twitch. I can say that I plan to get to bed tonight and say my prayers.

And finally, dream situation time. You can go back to any period in clubland history, and play at any club. Who would you have playing alongside you and what tune would you drop that would define the evening? Or have you been lucky enough to have had this moment properly? I think when the Prodigy played Red Square in Moscow. To have played as a live band warming up for them, that would have been it and it would have been off the chain. Is there any better show on earth that has happened yet? It’s doubtful.

Listen to ANiMAL on Pulse Radio.

Tiger Fingers - Exclusive Pulse Download


More free music goodness from us here at Pulse, with today's bit of no-strings attached music coming courtesy of Brooklyn experimental electronic duo Tiger Fingers, who've just dropped their debut self titled album of the same name some 6 years after it was first produced (and minus one member). The album received critical acclaim for its mix of ambient pop and dark strains of techno, even hailed as an act to keep an eye on in 2013. Today, Tiger Fingers hand over the lead single from the album Little Drummer Girl, exclusively for readers of Pulse to download and keep.

Tiger Fingers originally consisted of Jordan Lieb and Asako Fujimoto, who released their self-titled debut back in 2006 - although it never saw the light of day. After splitting up, Jordan has gone on to become a sought after producer as Black Light Smoke, releasing on Scissor & Thread and residing in the same territory both sonically and geographically as other experimental musicians such as Adultnapper. Tiger Fingers' dark and emotional blend of synth pop and ambient-techno stylings offers heart on sleeve, introspective indie-dance fare at its finest. Be sure to also check Jimmy Edgar remix in the YouTube player underneath and then go abd buy this album as it finally reaches the light of day.

Tiger Fingers' self titled debut album is out now through Hafendisko.

Listen to TIger Fingers on Pulse Radio.

Robert Dietz Is: The Arkitekt


A revered name in the global underground house and techno community, Robert Dietz has carved himself a glorious path. Starting off on the hotbed of talent that is Frankfurt, his edits, tracks and notorious sets have ensured that he has been held in high esteem by both artists and fans alike. Ellie Hewitt was lucky enough to have a Skype chat with the man himself, where he told her about Green Sauce, his thoughts on DJ polls, Arkitekt's very first compilation and the tunes he accredits to each situation. Read on for more words of wisdom, from one of underground dance's most integral and lauded figures.

Firstly how was Cable the other night? It was really good, really fun, a good crowd. I was at Jaded a while back for the afterparty which was a really great crowd. Cable's such a cool club, really great.

Did you get to spend much time in London? No I flew in late and left pretty much the next day. I did pop down to Fabric to see Ricardo Villalobos' Ten year anniversary set but he wasn't playing till 8:30am so unfortunately I missed him as my flight was at 11am!

What's special about Frankfurt? Frankfurt is a very special city to me, I always wanted to move there. I grew up in the capital of Hessen, Weisebaden which is smaller, pretty. I live right in the centre of the city now. It's an international city and very diverse but at the same time small and cosy. It's very beautiful and you can get everywhere with in 10 minutes of bicycle. I can't cycle in the winter though it's so cold. I haven't seen sunlight in about 2 weeks here now it's kind of depressing, I need some Vitamin D.

Arkitekt 01 is great, are you pleased with the finished product? Yeah very pleased. I'd never done a compilation digitally before. It was hard because there were so many things I wanted to put on there, old and new and there was the time constraint. It took about two months and unfortunately some things didn't get in there that I wanted them to but I like the finished product. The Ben Neville track was a very old track and another one had to be recorded off the vinyl and remastered because there was no original vinyl anywhere. I love the packaging though and the artwork, overall it's very slick. It was a great project to do.

What do you do when your not DJing/producing? I get bored very easily so I go to the gym alot, I run, I do cross fit. Other than that hanging out with friends, cooking.

Are there any special things that you cook that's native to Frankfurt? Yeah, it's like a seasonal dish with eggs and boiled potatoes and a yoghurt and herb sauce called Green Sauce. It's delicious, loads of herbs.

I read this article you posted on twitter about dance musics creative crisis, do you think that's also contributing to alot of music becoming disposable? Absolutely, the lifetime of music is so short now. You release something, even if it's amazing it has a maximum expiration date of 1/2 weeks on Beatport, if that. The sheer amount of music being churned out is insane. Ten years ago, if you were a DJ and you heard a track you liked it would have to be in a club and you would either ask the DJ or track down the record buy the record or perhaps have to order it, the process would take a couple of weeks. Now there is so much music at your finger tips it's insane. The concept of DJing has totally changed. You can't just DJ anymore you must produce and the rate of production has to be many releases, it's diluting talent. Also so many DJs out there are having stuff ghost produced, I mean that's nothing new, that's always happened in music. But DJing now you have your marketing team, your network of people, it's a lot more complicated than it used to be. The entire clubbing scene has changed anyway, it's nice when you go into Panorama bar and people can't take photos of you - they actually have to dance!

You've released on so many amazing labels, how important is it to have a good relationship with them all? I'm close with all the labels I release on, that's why I do it. They are all my friends, it's great.

Do you have plans to start your own label? Maybe, I mean I put out something earlier this year. A bootleg thing. Me and Reboot, 500 hand stamped pieces of wax. Just two bootlegs, it was great doing that. Mine was a Jamie Lidell track Gypsi Blood. It was called No Hit Wonder. [Laughs]

Any artists or producers to watch that are forthcoming? Yeah you guys need to watch out for this great new collective Hard Work Soft Drink, great producers, artists, DJs doing brilliant things. And Hansel from Romania, he's great.

What are your views on GEMA being thrown out by the German Government? It's a serious problem you know. It's silly because 30% of the music played in German clubs are GEMA registered artists, and even those, I'm not sure if they see the money. It's a backwards step for Germany, it'd be foolish to do it but they have such old fashioned distribution laws. If it happens my favourite club in Germany will shut Robert-Johnson in Frankfurt. You have to go there. Have to!

What are your plans for Christmas and New Years? I saw with a heavy heart that I won't be with my family like I normally am, I'm playing Christmas eve in Malaga, but hey it's my job! Then I'm off to Brazil for a bit and then the US and finally I'll be at the BPM festival in January. It's my first time, the line up is insane I am really excited.

How much would you say DJ polls really matter in the industry? I think a lot of the polls aren't really accurate just because they cater to their own readers. It's not a universal thing necessarily, it's nice but it's not important. I doubt I'll get on RA this year. There are so many DJs who have a great career who aren't even featured on it.

Do you have a phrase you live your life by? Like mine everything is a 'storm in teacup'. What's yours? [Laughs] I'm not sure I have one.

Well maybe if you get one you will do better in the RA polls! [Laughs]. Okay well I'll think of a good one for next year. And for now - don't copy and paste!

What track would you like to hear....

At the afterparty? DJ Skull - Don't Stop The Beat

Peak time in the club? Leonel Castillo - Natural

In a bad mood? Kendrik Lamar - Hiiipower

In a good mood? Nosaj thing - IOIO

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Eats Everything's Equipment Stolen at DJ Mag Awards


Eats Everything is the latest victim of DJ kleptomania. He was set to perform last night at the DJ Mag Best of British awards show, in celebration of his big win in the Best DJ category. Unfortunately, the three memory sticks (and headphones) he left in the DJ booth were swiped before his performance. Richy Ahmed filled in for the set, but according to his twitter, Eats claims that he had “years worth of solid work stolen, 100s of records that only I have.”

The Bristol native told Mixmag that everything is replaceable, but the time required to re-build his collection caused severe disruptions in his schedule and has left him with "hardly any music for a tour of Switzerland.” Anyone with information is asked to get in touch with his management, ben@grademanagement.com.

The Best of British show honored several individuals and groups who have played a vital role in electronic music. The full list:

Best DJ: Eats Everything
Best Live Act: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Best Producers: Groove Armada
Best Large Club: Fabric, London
Best Small Club: Garage, Leeds
Best Club Event: Just Jack, Bristol
Best Album: TEED 'Trouble'
Best Compilation: Maya Jane Coles 'DJ-Kicks'
Breakthrough DJs: Bicep
Breakthrough Producers: Disclosure
Best Festival: Bestival
Best Label: Hypercolour
Best Music Outlet: Juno
Best Radio show: Pete Tong's Essential Selection (BBC Radio 1)
Best Single:Julio Bashmore 'Au Seve'
Best Remix:Jessie Ware 'Running (Disclosure Remix)'
Lifetime Contribution: Sasha

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Film: Robert Babicz Makes You Appreciate Every Moment


German producer Robert Babicz has been mesmerizing audiences with his music for more than twenty years. His discography spans the multifaceted universe of of dance music, traversing many genres and feelings. With releases on Kompakt, Systematic, and Bedrock amongst others, he is one of the most well regarded producers of our time. But, unbeknownst to many, he is also a talented filmmaker.

As he travels the world, he stops to capture video, and has often edited these clips into short films accompanied by his music. "Moments" is an inspiring example. Set to one of his own (unnamed) tracks with Karin Vogt on vocals, the video chronicles beautiful moments in Robert's life, whether it is laughing with a friend (who just happens to be Gui Boratto), or watching captivated dancers moving to music. The haunting, atmospheric tune makes this a meditative, and poetic, reflection on life. Take five minutes to slow things down and look out throught the eyes of a man who has devoted his life to capturing moments. 

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NASA Is Confident That World Won't End


NASA is pretty sure the world won't end tomorrow. In fact, they're so cocky about it, they've released a video for Saturday, December 22nd, entitled, "Why The World Didn't End Yesterday."

According to the video, the Mayan prophecies do not foretell the end of the world on December 21st. In the Mayan Long-Count Calendar system (the most complicated ever made), the world was created on August 11th, 3140 BC. On this date, the calendar, which is composed of 5 numbers and scrolls like an odometer, read 13 0 0 0 0. On December 21st, 2012 it will read the exact same numerals.

So if anything, the truth is that tomorrow is more of a "reset," or a sort of birthday for the universe. Now it's understandable how this could get hyped up into a doomsday scenario. The truth is, you'll probably watch this video again with your friends on Saturday over some beers and a pizza. But maybe there are some subtle planetary shifts going on, and for that reason we've been advised to recommend the following: have an amazing weekend. End of the world or not. If you're lucky enough to be at Day Zero festival, we know you're doing just that.

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Clubbing Mecca Fabric Set to Launch New Label


Fabric nightclub began its storied career in London in 1999. Over the last decade it has established itself as one of the world's most important clubbing destinations for the discerning ear. Along with their esteemed club nights, the group behind the club launched Fabric Records in 2001, extending their reach beyond nightlife with the Fabric and FabricLive mix series.

Further cementing their place in the underground soundscape, Fabric has announced the launch of a new label, Houndstooth, in 2013. For those not in the fabric business, Houndstooth is a pattern used in clothing that is also part of Fabric's logo.

The label "will be dedicated to releasing 'artist-led' content with EPs and albums all in the pipeline." In an interview with FACT magazine, A&R for the new label, Rob Booth, says: "Whilst Houndstooth will also release electronic music and reflect the musical ethos of fabric, it's got a lot more of a license to operate beyond the realms of the dancefloor... We're keen to let people know that even though Houndstooth is tied to fabric, it's a new venture with a very different focus." 

The label's debut release, 'The Perfect Tense EP' from Call Super of Berlin, is slated for February 2013. Other artists tentatively linked to the label include names like Δkkord, House of Black Lanterns, Al Tourettes and _Unsubscribe_.

Check out the teaser video here. Warning, it really is a tease. 

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Live Set Of The Year?


Seeing as we're heading into the silly season we thought it's time to get just that. Actually this video is more awesome than silly - a dude on a piano playing a collection of house music classics at a Christmas party, from "Strings of Life" through to "Let Me Be Your Fantasy".  We couldn't resist sharing with you what much of the internet is referring to (with tongue planted firmly in cheek) as the set of the year. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!


My Jazz - Jam
NJoi - Anthem
Rhythim is Rhythm - Strings of Life
Let Me Be Your Fantasy - Baby D
You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone -Turntable Orchestra
Jinny - Keep Me Warm
Electric Choc - Shok the Beat
Soft House Company - What You Need
Sterling Void - Runaway Girl mashed with K-Klass - Show Me love
Prodigy - Your Love (Don't Know) • mashed with • Definition of Love
CeCe Rogers - Someday
Kinetic - Golden Girls
Gat Decor - Passion
Jason Joy - Free Your Body
T-Coy - Carino
Baby D - Reprise

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The Corner House Launches Sundays


Been searching for that suitable haunt to spend your Sunday afternoon relaxing with a beverage and listening to some quality tunes? Bondi bar The Corner House have launched a new series of weekly DJ sessions with a varied selection of Sydney tastemakers including Sydney favourites Simon Caldwell, Kali and Co-Op playing the best in soul, funk, dub, reggae, latin, downtempo, balaeric, trip-hop and indie. Heck, they may even play a little bit of 1920's jazz and swing if that's the kind of thing that tickles your ear drums.

The sessions kick off every Sunday from 3pm throughout the summer, with local crew Co-Op on duties this Sunday 23rd December. Selected recordings of DJ sets will also be streamed right here on Pulse, so keep your eyes peeled on the Corner House Sundays channel.

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